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Steve Carter,

Many thanks for your support! Bought my iPhone from the apple store, brought it home, downloaded software and had my orange sim working in minutes - your software is fantastic and very user friendly and i have recommended it to friends already!


I have successfully downloaded software and used it to unlock my iPhone 4. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to use your step-by-step guide. I am an experienced computer person and I was all set for an evening of trials and tribulations. Instead I followed the simple steps and IT JUST WORKED! Congrats, that is very unusual.

Jack Arlowski,

I can CONFIRM my 4G Iphone is completly functional , ALL UNLOCKED after a less-than-15-minutes..

This confirms that this soluction WORKS in CLARO and TIM networks in BRAZIL.

I am more than happy with my new toy.....

Thanks guys....You are the BEST team in whole internet.

Raphael ,

Thank you for your email.


I can confirm that I have now unlocked my iPhone 4 which is working perfectly. I would just like to say that it has been a pleasure dealing with your company, the updates and customer contact has been second to none. As the Group Aftersales Director for Ford motor company in Kuwait, I can only say that I hope all my operations are as professional as yours.


Once again, Thank you for all your help.


Donn Muirhead

Patricia Golubev,

Just wanted to say a big thank you to the support team. Just completed my 4S 5.0.1 Jailbreak and had a lot of silly questions. They've been brilliant and patient and got back to me quickly every time. I used you guys a few years ago and the service was great back then as well. Thanks again and keep it up.



Thank you guys!!!! F£%%^!!!! awesome love you guys !


I've just unlocked my 4G which was running 5.0.1. It all went very smoothly indeed and works brilliantly. Thanks very much chaps!

Bob Stan,

Took 2 Weeks - but finaly today i could unlock and jailbreak my 4S with 5.0.1 - worked easy as could be !!!

Had to wait for a response for a bit but Now I am happy !


Hi - yes we must apologize for the unacceptable delay. The backlog is finally over now and future unlocks go through instantaneously.

Mark Kolotka,

Hi there


Just had my Iphone 4G 5.0.1 unlocked by these guys, no way in this world would I have parted my hard earned cash to one of these site but do what I did and use these people when you ring them or E-mail someone always returns calls E-Mail ETC don't get caught out with those other rip-off sites.


Mark Billingham (very happy customer)

Victoria ,

Lol scrap my last email ive just getting in from work and im very tierd....ive done it now and thankyou soooo much for all your help.....however one last uestion if the phone turns off will i need to unlock it again or will it remain the same??


Thanks again Vic x



hi guys and ladies iphone 4 software all works great work @ Easy Unlocking Solutions - many thanks keep up the good work


Excellent! Once again you guys have come through. Seemless & communication perfect as always !

Thanx v mch, top stuff

Erik L,

Absolutely brilliant! Worth the wait. It the jailbreak does not work first time then reboot and try again.



Thank you very my iphone 4S is jailbroken, you guys rock!!

Bart R,

Well it was a long wait but well worth it! Email comes in from the team saying unlock for iphone 4S 5.0.1 is now available. I log into my account and within 15 minutes my phone is jailbroken and unlocked to all networks! Tried Orange and Vodafone and both worked a treat! Cheers guys!

Alex J,

Excellent service and contact. Very fast response to questions. Installation was a breeze! I can now use my Bell Mobility iPhone 4G (version 5.0 software) on any network. I have a UK o2 Sim card and it loads perfectly and I could use the Rogers network in Canada if I so wished.

Kyla V,

Hi. I just wanted to say a big thank you, after downloading the software it was one easy click of a button and my Iphone was unlocked. I am now able to use it on any network.
Thanks and keep up the good work.